Molveno lighting for over 15 years’ active in the field of electronics for LED lighting, Maurizio Fontana’s founder takes first-person technical and commercial direction, making use of numerous and qualified persons in the design and production in outsourcing. Our wide range of lighting products and LED ‘now used by many manufacturers lighting international. Rigourus national quality control and certification bodies in charge by making our solutions secure and reliable.

The range of products, designed by the technical department, is large and diversified in different sectors of electronics applied to lighting: they are particularly innovative LED light bulbs, power supplies for LED modules LED ansi, RGB systems, spotlights LED interior and exterior already ‘wired ready for installation, LED strips, aluminum strips for LEDs, LED panels, aluminum spotlights door and plaster for LED lamps, LED lamps, LED lamps, occupancy sensors and technology of control luce.

Realize 4×18 interchangeable LED cassettes Standard IP20 IP65 LED fixtures and 2×36 and 2×58 interchangeable IP20 IP65 standards. This trend is part of the success of new power technology and the numerous applications of LEDs, a proposal to the many custom-OEM in Europe and now unanimously identified as the future of a certain type of lighting. The strength and innovation of Molveno lighting proposal is supported not only by a first-class facility but also a strong commitment to research for new technological solutions and new products.

Molveno lighting can afford to offer its customers, the majority of its products, a guarantee of operation of up to three or even five years, without forgetting the guarantee for an indefinite period as regards security. A large number of products catalogs Molveno lighting to be awarded the prestigious Approvals VDE, EMV VDE, IMQ, DEMKO, NEMKO, SEMKO and, more recently, the GOST R certification, key to enter the Russian market.