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Led Modules

We offer a wide range of refined Italian design led modules with a high color performance to be use on different types of environments as private homes or commercial and industrial spaces.

We supplied many different colors of LED solutions
(ANSI series) in order to achieve all market needs and a wide range of power supplies to light control and dimmer.

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Led Strip Lights


We have a wide range of flexible led strips ip20 ip65 ip67 ip68 on light circuit board even with 3m double-sided adhesive. Applicable on many solutions such as furniture and interior decoration, shops and commercial spaces, cars boats, ceilings and drinks/foods vending machines. The of our Molveno Led strip power range goes from 7w / meter 14w / until 19w meter / meter. They can be applied on dry and wet environments even diving.

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Led Drivers


Molveno are very proud of the LED power supplier series that actually are in use by many manufacturers of luminaires in Italy and Europe.

Last year, Molveno has add a wide range of dimmable led power supplies.
We can offer power supplies on both solutions: constant voltage or constant current for indoor or outdoor use in ip68 protected by an resin in many forms and always with a reduced size.

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Led Strip Profiles


Molveno Lighting offers a wide range of anodized aluminum profiles for LED strips decorative and powerful use that can be even color custom made.
Our profiles, suitable for masonry walls or plasterboard, are completed supplied with plastic lenses and accessories like caps and hooks for easy mounting. Due to our modern machines, we are able to customize the profiles in various lengths until a maximum of 4 meters.

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Molveno Lighting has been active in the field of electronics for LED lighting for over 15 years, its founder – Maurizio Fontana deals in firsthand the technical and commercial management, working with high-qualified collaborator in the design manufacturing and outsourcing. Many manufacturers of domestic and international fixtures use our extensive range of LED lighting products currently.

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Technical Dept.


The technical department is able to provide professional support in response to any individual doubt.

Our technical staff is at your disposal both in company or at your site, depending on your specific needs.

Especially for the led lighting field, you can get tips and advice related to your lighting projects or for design of your electric systems.

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Led’s Green Power


The Led technology is becoming more common in the recent years since it has been rediscovered the commercial strength of this type of lighting.

Particularly suited to illuminate house interiors, LED lighting is powerful (as much as four times) than the traditional lamps, much more reliable, and in addiction, its costs are lower if compared to the superior longevity.

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Switches manufacture and distribution, household appliances and electrical equipment indicators.


Aluminum Led Profile for Strip Led manufacture and distribution Made in Italy


Fasteners and plastic accessories manufacture and distribution for electrical and electronic wiring.